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14 Feb 12 PHP Taint – 一个用来检测XSS/SQL/Shell注入漏洞的扩展

之前, 小顿和我提过一个想法, 就是从PHP语言层面去分析,找出一些可能的注入漏洞代码. 当时我一来没时间, 而来也确实不知道从何处下手..

直到上周的时候, 我看到了这个RFC: RFC:Taint.

但是这个RFC的问题在于, 它需要为PHP打Patch, 修改了PHP本身的数据结构, 这对于以后维护, 升级PHP来说, 很不方便, 也会有一些隐患.

虽然这样, 但这个RFC却给了我一个启发, 于是我就完成了这样的一个扩展:Taint Extension

这个扩展使用起来, 很简单(目前只支持5.2.6 ~ 5.3.10):

下载源代码以后, 编译, 安装. 然后在php.ini中要开启这个扩展(建议不要在生产环境开启这个扩展):

启用这个扩展以后, 如果在一些关键函数(或者语句: echo, print, system, exec, 等等), 或者输出的地方*直接*(没有经过转义, 安全过滤处理)使用了来自$_GET, $_POST或者$_COOKIE的数据, 则Taint就会提示你:

 $a = $_GET['a'];

 $file_name = '/tmp' .  $a;
 $output    = "Welcome, {$a} !!!";
 $var       = "output";
 $sql       = "Select *  from " . $a;
 $sql      .= "ooxx";

 echo $output;
//Warning: main(): Attempt to echo a string which might be tainted in xxx.php on line x

 print $$var;
//Warning: main(): Attempt to print a string which might be tainted  in xxx.php on line x

//Warning: include() [function.include]: File path contains data that might be tainted in xxx.php on x

//Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: First argument contains data that might be tainted in xxx.php on line x

目前因为还没有支持5.4(5.4的实现方法, 要依赖于我将要和Dmitry讨论的一个新需求), 所以目前还没有发布一个下载包, 大家可以先直接从源代码下载: Taint on Github.

上面的例子显示了简单的用法, 回头我会再完善下文档….



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    安装 之后,使用implode(array())会报错Error:2 implode() expects exactly 2 parameters, 1 given

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  11. zdeity |


  12. 雪候鸟 |

    @abcdefg 因为没有意义啊, 只要在测试环境装上, 检查通过就可以了

  13. laruence |

    @chunshiban backtrace是啥?

  14. abcdefg |


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  17. chunshiban |

    加入这个扩展后nginx + php-fpm(5.3.25)报,502错误,erro_log显示
    [02-Jul-2013 16:24:54] WARNING: [pool www] child 19499 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 25.478646 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:24:54] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19505 started
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:33] WARNING: [pool www] child 19505 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 519.061842 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:33] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19582 started
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:34] WARNING: [pool www] child 19582 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 0.680379 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:34] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19584 started
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:37] WARNING: [pool www] child 19584 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 3.557053 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:33:37] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19588 started
    [02-Jul-2013 16:40:48] WARNING: [pool www] child 19588 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 430.350555 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:40:48] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19646 started
    [02-Jul-2013 16:51:06] WARNING: [pool www] child 19646 exited on signal 11 (SIGSEGV – core dumped) after 618.069328 seconds from start
    [02-Jul-2013 16:51:06] NOTICE: [pool www] child 19783 started

  18. 秋风 |


  19. 秋风 |


  20. xss |

    能否指教一下 哪里可以找到php opcode的详解?比如看到ZEND_SEND_VAR这样的opcode不知道代表什么意思?谢谢

  21. 秋风 |


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