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Creative Commons License 本博客的所有原创作品采用“知识共享”署名-非商业性使用-相同方式共享2.5协议进行许可
Boke statement
The Boke is own by person, without commercial purposes. It compliances with the PRC laws and regulations, the Chinese nation and the basic networks basic moral ethics. It respects for freedom of expression and ideological freedom restraint, but against the radical opposition, destruction, entertainment, advertising or irresponsible speculation words and deeds. All reproduced articles and pictures are for illustrative purposes only. if it’s required or deemed appropriate, the source will be identified and signed. Avoid reproduced clearly “not reproduced” statement works. If not a diversion works, please timely notification me. For copyright-free or free of copyright works, the right to revise and dissemination Boke, once involving substantive changes to the revised Boke will enjoy considerable copyright works. Second reproduced please reconfirmed either the original authors for their power. The Boke of all original works, including text, data, pictures, web page format, reproduced with the author, please indicate the source. ECA permit may not be used for profitable purposes. The Boke of Chinese intellectual property, the laws and regulations to protect and safeguard knowledge-sharing, aimed at the destruction of any person shall conduct or seek personal gain. Boke to Simplified Chinese version of this statement is that no other language versions.

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