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Zend Parameters Parser新增类型描述符介绍

从PHP5.3开始, zend_parse_paramters_*函数新增了如下几个新的类型描述符:

f  - function or array containing php method call info (returned as
      zend_fcall_info and zend_fcall_info_cache)
H  - array or HASH_OF(object) (returned as HashTable*)
L  - long, limits out-of-range numbers to LONG_MAX/LONG_MIN (long)
Z  - the actual zval (zval**)
*  - variable arguments list (0 or more)
+  - variable arguments list (1 or more)

这也使得我们做扩展开发的时候, 能更加轻松的处理输入参数, 得到想要的值.

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