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Gvim和Vim即使使用一样的配色方案,颜色也会有少许的差别, 我比较喜欢Vim的desert, 经过一番努力,终于搞得俩边看起来基本一样了(注意:只是针对desert )。 在gvim的_vimrc中添加如下:

hi SpecialKey guifg=Blue
hi MoreMsg guifg=Green
hi Visual guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=reverse cterm=reverse
hi Folded ctermbg=4 guibg=Blue
hi FoldColumn ctermbg=7
hi DiffAdd guibg=Blue
hi DiffChange guibg=Magenta
hi DiffDelete guibg=Cyan
hi Normal guifg=Gray guibg=Black20
hi Cursor guibg=White
hi lCursor guibg=White
hi Comment guifg=Cyan
hi Constant guifg=Magenta
hi Special guifg=Magenta
"hi Special guifg=Red
hi Identifier guifg=Cyan
hi Statement guifg=Yellow
hi PreProc guifg=Magenta
hi Type guifg=Green gui=NONE
hi Underlined guifg=Blue
hi Todo guifg=Black


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